last-minute : 20% discount from 9-May-22 till 23-May-22!!!!!!! It is definitely a beautiful luxury camper that you are looking for. and no doubt it will make your vacation more relax and much better. The camper is well-furnitured, modern design, easily-operated. It provides you a great driving performance on the road and front large panoramic windscreen gives you a great overview of your surroundings. All necessary facilities are included. The camper is waiting for you and ready to go. Camper exterior dimensions: (L x W x H) 7.38 x 2.30 x 2.89 m. Massa ledig voertuig: 2.980kg Insurance (included in the price): We provide you standard NKC camperverhuurverzekering . For detail, please take time to read the linkage below carefully. – nkc. nl/verzekeringen/camperverzekering/verhuurverzekering/ Promotion: >=2 wks rental – 5% discount >=3 wks rental – 10% discount >=4 wks rental – 15% discount Parking Place available: You could park your own car at my fixed parking place in the garage with 24/7 BEVEILIGING. Therefore, distance, safety, more stuffs are absolutely not the problems. Cleaning: Self-cleaning free of charge, otherwise, rental conditions apply Deposit: The deposit for this camping equipment is €1,000. The deposit will be refunded to you after the rental period. User Instruction:

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